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The North Tarrant Express/I-35W project will reconstruct a 10.1-mile stretch of I-35W from downtown Fort Worth to US 287 in Fort Worth. This project will relieve congestion, improve safety and provide for anticipated traffic growth in one of the country’s fastest developing regions.

The project will improve the efficiency of the highway system by offering drivers a reliable choice between the general highway lanes and new TEXpress “toll managed” Lanes. The project will also reconstruct interchanges, add service roads and by-pass lanes, and upgrade existing facilities to optimize operations.

Construction began in 2013 on the northern segment (north of I-820) and will be completed in late 2017. Construction on the southern segment (south of I-820) began in 2014 and will be completed by the Fall 2018.

In partnership with local communities and the state, NTE Mobility Partners is committed to developing and operating the safest, most advanced and reliable roadways for drivers and their families.

To link to more information on the NTE project on the TxDOT website, please click here.


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Downtown to I-820 interchange

Pre-construction work and utility relocation began on this 6.5-mile segment in early 2014; major construction began in fall 2014.

Cost of this segment is $1.4 billion

Anticipated completion date: Fall of 2018

I-820 north to US 287

Construction on this northern segment began in April 2013.

Cost of this segment is $200 million.

Anticipated completion date: Late 2017

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