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NTE Mobility Partners represents a consortium of companies, including Cintra US, a world leader in private-sector development of transportation infrastructure; Meridiam Infrastructure, a global public-private partnership investor/developer of public facilities; and the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System, the first U.S. pension fund in the country to invest in the building and maintenance of a major toll road project like NTE.


Partnering with NTE Mobility Partners means leveraging experienced leaders with proven track records of delivering and maintaining high-quality customized solutions for today's transportation challenges.


Cintra US and NTE Mobility Partners is proud to have set the standard for the most superior and advanced roadways in the world. Comprised of experienced Texas, U.S. and international firms, Cintra US and NTE Mobility Partners have designed, built, financed, operated and maintained more than 25 major highway infrastructure projects on three continents over 40 years.


These entities have a long-term commitment to the state of Texas and already employ more than 2,000 Texans. In addition, more than 100 other North Texas and statewide companies and their employees will be put to work on the NTE project.




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Bluebonnet Contractors / Webber


Dallas Police & Fire Pension System


About the NTE Mobility Partners


About Cintra US

Based in Austin, Texas, Cintra US is the American arm of Cintra, a subsidiary of Madrid-based Ferrovial. Cintra is one of the leading private-sector transportation infrastructure companies in the world with experience spanning 40 years of innovative highway development on three continents. Today its portfolio includes nearly 2,000 miles of managed highways worldwide, representing a total global investment in traffic congestion improvements of more than $27 billion. In the United States, Cintra US manages roadway projects in the Midwest and Southwest.


A global powerhouse and Fortune 500 company, Ferrovial owns and manages major infrastructure assets, including London's Heathrow Airport and several other major airports in the United Kingdom. Public Works Financing has previously named Ferrovial the world’s leading investor in transportation infrastructure.

About Bluebonnet Contractors, LLC and Webber, LLC

Bluebonnet Contractors, LLC, is part of the Ferrovial group of companies, the world's largest private manager of transportation infrastructure and a leading services provider with operations in 49 countries.

Bluebonnet joins the experience of Webber, LLC, one of the largest road construction companies in Texas, with the diversified, international civil engineering expertise of Ferrovial Agromán.

The two companies have joined forces to design and construct the 13-mile North Tarrant Express project.

Webber specializes in construction of infrastructure works and is a leader in the production and distribution of recycled construction aggregates.

Ferrovial Agromán's civil engineering activities include roads, railways, infrastructure, and hydraulic, maritime, hydroelectric, industrial and environmental works.

About Meridiam Infrastructure

Meridiam is a long-term investor in public infrastructure projects with a commitment to improving the fabric of communities where it invests. Meridiam brings its experience with toll roads to this project, along with a staff that has deep familiarity with the U.S. transportation system. Meridiam was initially launched by AECOM and enjoys a strategic alliance on select projects with AECOM. The fund is one of the largest, primarily green field entities in the market.

About the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System

Created by the City of Dallas in 1916, the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System (DPFPS) represents 8,500 members and their families. DPFPS's assets are maintained for the exclusive benefit of the members and their qualified beneficiaries; funding comes from three sources: member contributions, city contributions and investment returns. DPFPS provides benefits for retired City of Dallas police officers and firefighters and, upon the member's death, for their qualified survivors. DPFPS is administered by a 12-member Board of Trustees, consisting of three active police officers, three active firefighters, one police officer pensioner, one firefighter pensioner and four Dallas City Council members.


DPFPS is the first U.S. pension fund in the country to invest in an infrastructure project.

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