NTE | 35W Project Update August 2016

Know Before You Go: Back-to-School Edition

It's back to school season, and now's the time to find the best routes back to campus. With various construction operations that have taken place during the summer, and many more to come, we encourage drivers to check for up-to-the-minute information on lane closures and traffic detours on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

We also post information about accidents and delays, which can help keep you on track when traveling along I-35W or the North Tarrant Express corridor along Loop 820 and Airport Freeway.

As always, please keep in mind to stay safe on the road - that includes refraining from texting and making phone calls while driving. While it's unsafe at any speed, remember that it's illegal to operate a cell phone in a school zone unless a hands-free device is used.

Be sure to "Know Before You Go!" You can find a complete list of current lane closures here along with alternate route maps here.

I-35W Construction Activities and Closures

Despite the Texas heat, crews are still out working hard to make sure each of our construction projects are completed on time.

Upcoming construction activities to watch for:

  • Traffic shifts to new, permanent pavement south of Meacham Blvd. (late August 2016)
  • Opening of the new direct connectors from northbound I-35W to eastbound and westbound I-820. This operation will cause the direct connector from northbound I-35W to westbound I-820 to become a right-hand exit. (late August 2016)

Extended closures in place:
  • The entrance ramp from downtown Fort Worth to northbound I-35W at Spur 280 (mid-September 2016)
  • Northbound to southbound and southbound to northbound U-turns at Western Center Boulevard and I-35W (through summer 2016)
  • Northbound I-35W off-ramp to westbound Spur 280 (through January 2017)
  • Northbound I-35W exit to Meacham Boulevard (through July 2017)

Subscribing to the NTE e-alerts and checking the website for updated closure and detour announcements are two easy ways to stay on top of upcoming construction activities and areas that may have delays.

A Different Perspective on I-35W Progress

Most of us take the same route to school, work and back home every day. We see the same sights, and know instinctively when we should change lanes or how long it takes a certain light to change from red to green.

Despite our familiarity with the road, however, we only see the construction from the ground level. For a different perspective on the construction projects, the NTE posts aerial images of construction operations, providing a birds-eye view of the highway. Photo galleries date back to 2014, so viewers can see the month-to-month progress as the I-35W continues to grow.

Similarly, visitors to the NTE's YouTube channel can view the progress via time-lapse videos, as well as see construction crews and engineers working hard to set beams, pour concrete and weld rebar.


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